Scholarships in the USA for Bangladeshi Students


Scholarship in the USA

Scholarships in the USA for Bangladeshi Students

The American higher education system is well-respected internationally. However, university in the United States is rarely affordable. Don't let that deter you, though; the good news is that there are lots of scholarship opportunities for college in the USA. Both the government and private organizations offer financial aid in the form of scholarships. Scholarships for international students studying in the US may cover all or a portion of tuition, fees, and living expenses. Many universities in the USA see increasing diversity on campus as a top goal. As a result, many institutions recognise the importance of attracting applicants from all over the world and provide financial aid in the form of international student scholarships. Let's look more closely at scholarships in the USA for Bangladeshi students.

What Kinds of Scholarships Are Available?

Scholarships could play a significant role in determining where you wish to attend college. So, looking for the suitable scholarships already aids in limiting the number of universities you can choose from. Every year, a sizable number of applications are sent to US universities. Furthermore, overseas student scholarships are inherently far more seldom available than they are candidates. The largest prizes that a school presents are typically also the most competitive. By broadening and narrowing your search, you can increase your chances of finding a scholarship, depending on what you're looking for. Scholarships are offered depending on:

  • Academic performance
  • Need
  • Subject or field
  • Level of study
  • Country of citizenship
  • Athletic performance

Now let’s look at the available scholarships for Bangladeshi students.

  1. Scholarships by University

    At US universities, funding for scholarships and research can reach millions of pounds each year. See the list of US colleges and universities that offer scholarships below:

    University of Denver Merit-Based Scholarship USD 10,000 - 31,000 per year
    Johns Hopkins University Need-Based Scholarships for undergraduate students
    University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business Fellowship Awards
    Rice University Wagoner Foreign Study Scholarship
    Illinois State UniversityGraduate Assistantships
    University of South Florida USF Fellowships and Assistantships
    Michigan State UniversityInternational Tuition Grant
    University of California, Berkeley Law Least Developed Countries Scholarship
    University of Washington School of Nursing Scholarships
    Northern Arizona UniversityKhursheed Fatima Scholarship

    Certainly not every scholarship made it on this list! Most institutions offer a variety of scholarships that you can apply for. Research the universities you're interested in attending to see if any scholarships are offered there.

  2. Other Scholarship Options

    Beside the above mentioned scholarships, there are hundreds of scholarships available for students from all over the world. It's worth looking at the scholarship opportunities offered by a variety of other organizations. Let’s explore other scholarship options for Bangladeshi students:

    • Fulbright Scholarships

      The Fulbright Programme is the country's flagship programme for fostering global understanding via the exchange of students, faculty, and cultural resources. It is funded by the US Department of State. The scholarship covers everything, including tuition, travel expenses, and health insurance. Your entire education will be paid for by the Fulbright programme. With the help of this scholarship, several Bangladeshi students travel to the United States each year.

    • East-West Center Graduate Degree Fellowship

      This is a scholarship provided by the East-West Centre for graduate students at the University of Hawaii at Mnoa who are from Asia, the Pacific, and the United States. A four-year bachelor's degree from an accredited university in Bangladesh is needed to enroll in graduate school for recipients. A 3.0 GPA is the minimum qualification for admission.

    • International Youth Foundation

      It’s a Laureate Global Fellowship offered to people between the ages of 18 and 29 who are the founders or co-founders of humanitarian organizations that have had an impact for at least a year

    • Microsoft Scholarships

      Applicable to students who exhibit exceptional academic excellence, leadership qualities, and a clear passion for technology and who are applying to undergraduate programmes in computer science and related STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields.

    • Humphrey Fellowship Program

      Professionals with leadership potential and a commitment to public service are eligible for this fellowship. This programme covers all expenses for a whole year. You are not given the option to select a university; rather, the best host institution is chosen for you based on your qualifications and preferences.

    • MPOWER Financing

      It’s a scholarship for Women in STEM who are enrolling in a full-time programme at a university in the US or Canada that supports MPOWER and having a current student visa.

Concluding Thoughts

It can be expensive to study and live in the USA if you are not a US citizen. However, you could find that you can significantly lighten the burden on your bank account thanks to the variety of scholarships offered in the USA for Bangladeshi students. Research is the key to the entire process; look into all of your alternatives from all of the universities you're thinking about. Search for scholarships at external organizations both domestically and abroad by your study level, citizenship, field of study, and other factors. You may gain an advantage over the competition by getting started early and making sure you completely understand the scholarship requirements and application processes.

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