Cost of Living in Denmark


Cost of Living in Denmark

Despite having one of the greatest standards of living in the world, Denmark is an expensive country. Living in Denmark should not break the bank if you make a dependable decision for living, such as cycling to school and dining at home. The best academic programmes, research-driven learning, and first-rate academic infrastructure are some of the major benefits of studying in Denmark. With a high per capita income and high standard of living, Denmark is one of the safest, happiest, and most livable nations in the world. This is the reason that tens of thousands of international students chose to study in Denmark. Although Denmark's policy of charging no tuition fees is particularly appealing to EU students, living expenses there are typically far higher than average for Europe. You must plan your monthly expenses carefully if you want to be able to cover these costs.

What is the Cost of Studying and Living in Denmark?

  • Tuition Cost

    Tuition costs are a significant portion of the overall cost of education for international students in Denmark. International students in Denmark may have to pay varied tuition rates depending on their chosen university, major, and length of study. Tuition for international students at a university in Denmark typically costs between 6,000 EUR and 16,000 EUR per year. Students from the European Union, the EEA, and Switzerland do not have to pay tuition in Denmark.

Top Universities in Denmark and Their Tuition Cost

UniversityQS World University RankingsTuition Fee Per year
University of Copenhagen10710,000-17,000 EUR
Technical University of Denmark12115,000 EUR
Aarhus University14310,000 EUR
Aalborg University336102,600 DKK
  • Additional Expenses

    Housing, books and supplies, groceries, transportation, and other additional costs make up the majority of a student's monthly budget. The cost of living is relatively affordable in many Danish cities. Some of the most important cities in Denmark are Aarhus, Copenhagen, Aalborg, Odense, and Frederiksberg. These are the most populous cities in the nation. Depending on how you lead your life, the average monthly cost of living in Denmark might be anything from €1,500 to €2,000. Here is a quick rundown of what it costs on average to live in Denmark:.

Monthly Utilities – Electricity, Water, Gas DKK 1500
MealsDKK 1,500 - 2,000
Rent (monthly)DKK 2,500 - 4,000
TransportDKK 300
Other expensesDKK 1200 - 1500

Ways to Minimize the Costs

For international students, the cost of living in Denmark can be quite costly. There are several ways to lower your regular monthly expenses in Denmark without having to give up your goals of studying abroad. Let's talk about how to make life cheaper for students studying abroad.

  • Scholarships

    Scholarships are available to international students at a number of Danish universities and several government scholarships are also available. Eligibility requirements might be based on academic achievement, financial need, or both combined.

  • Working part-time

    Foreign students in Denmark have the option of working part-time to cover the cost of living. During the academic year, students from the EU and the Nordic nations are allowed to work 37 hours per week, whereas international students can work 20 hours per week and full time during the summer.

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