Study abroad from Bangladesh

Study abroad from Bangladesh

Studying abroad opens a world of opportunities and personal growth. Learning about the culture of a different country and blending with them can literally boost the confidence and career prospects of any student.

As an aspiring student from Bangladesh, wishing to study abroad, there are several options that you can choose from. Most of the students from Bangladesh choose to study in Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. While these countries are the hub that offers world class education, there are several barriers or steps that you need to consider while planning your studies abroad. This is where you might need the assistance of a registered educational consultant.

Study Abroad Task list:

If you wish to apply for a student visa abroad, you need to follow task list to achieve your goal in the most efficient manner:

Research by the course level:

You need to initially perform a search based on the level of course:

  • High School
  • Undergraduate and
  • Graduate

Once you have decided by the course level, you need to filter your search based on the course type:

  • Intern Abroad
  • Volunteer Abroad
  • Teach Abroad
  • Intensive Language
  • Full Degree Abroad

The next step would be to perform a research by the country:

The popular study abroad destinations are:

Study in Australia: Australia is one among the top destinations to study abroad owing to peerless facilities and educators.

Study in Canada: The quality of education and living standard is quite high in addition to affordable cost of living when compared to studying in United States of America or United Kingdom.

Study in New Zealand: with a centrally managed quality assurance system of the education sector, studying in New Zealand can be one of the smartest choice that you will ever make.

Study Abroad Document Checklist

Identity Proof: this can be a copy of passport together with the birth certificate

Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE): from the educational institution where you intent to study

Proof of English Proficiency: Majority of the countries like New Zealand, Canada and Australia requires you to provide the proof of English language proficiency for enrolling in the respective educational institutions.

However, the score requirement can vary with respect to the country, level of study and the university.

There are also some options that you can consider if you wish to apply for student visa without IELTS or English proficiency.

  • International Baccalaureate Program: if you are certified under an international baccalaureate program, you can study in Australia without IELTS.
  • Some universities allow students to study without IELTS, provided they enroll in their own English course.

Financial Proof: Most of the countries also require you to submit proof of bank statement that satisfies your requirement to manage your wellbeing, studies, and accommodation during the study period.

If you wish to apply for student visa abroad, it is ideal to start organizing everything as early as possible. We recommend that you file an application to study abroad as early as possible so that you can get everything approved and organized well within the desired period.

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